Recommended products

         As a breeder with healthy cats and kittens  as a priority I have carefully selected foods, supplements and products that I feel are  best for my cats and their offspring. I do require that any cats or kittens being placed in a pet home remain on the diet that they have been introduced to from weaning age. It is preferred that they stay on the recommended diet for life but not required. However any changes in their diet should be made gradually so that they do not develop digestive issues. Therefor I will not release any kitten to their new home until I have confirmation that their food has been ordered. Please click on the following link to order your food before you pick your cat/kitten up.  If you do not use this link I will have no way of keeping track of your food orders so please only use this link to order. The food is required with any kitten or cat adoption. I have also included a list of some of my favorite grooming products ,toys and accessories which are all optional.

           Please follow this link to order all food products.