Devils Pride Kittens

Our current litter !


Current litter born to Champion Umi Naomi Neko Ruri of Devil's Pride and Champion Devil of Devil's Pride !!!!

 If you would like to be considered for one of our kittens please fill out a Kitten Application .

Kittens names are temporary names that are given to make it easier to identify each kitten and just for fun I like to go with a theme. . This is THE WALKING DEAD LITTER.


Available- these kittens are looking for their forever homes.

ON HOLD - somebody is interested in this kitten and he or she is being held for them temporarily until a decision is made. You can still ask about this kitten.

SOLD-this kitten is not available because a deposit has been placed  and he or she has been promised to another forever home.

UNDER BREEDER EVALUATION-Holding to determine breeder/show potential to possibly stay in our cattery or be placed with another breeder.

REMAINING WITH BREEDER-kitten will stay with Devils Pride Cattery for future show and breeding .


Other recommended breeder:

Please visit

if we do not have kittens available or do not have a specific sex or color that you were looking for. Donna is a wonderful and ethical breeder and has been a great mentor and help to me.

Don’t forget to order your kittens food ! Click the following link to order before you bring your kitten home !