Welcome to Devils Pride Maine Coon Cattery!


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We are a small Maine Coon cattery located in Southern New Jersey just minutes from Philadelphia. All of our cats are DNA tested prior to entering our breeding program. All of our cats must be N/n for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), Pk deficiency(Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), and SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) to be considered eligible for breeding. Also our cats are scanned by echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist veterinarian. This is done regularly to ensure that only the healthiest cats are being used for breeding.


The name Devil's Pride was originally chosen as our cattery name because my first intended Stud came from Italy and his name is Devil. Sadly the breeder that sold him to me was not completely honest about his DNA . Documents were falsified and I was sent 2 cats from this breeder who BOTH carried the gene that contributes to HCM. One of the cats was a female(Freyja) and I can only assume that she carried 2 copies of the gene because she went into heart failure at only 9 months old and had to be euthanized. It was so heart breaking to see this beautiful cat suffer and ultimately be taken by this horrible disease. So after this I decided to be safe and collect my own DNA sample from the male (Devil) and have it tested myself . My suspicions were correct. He did in fact carry this terrible gene. He carries one copy. Cats that carry 2 copies are most certainly at risk for developing HCM by the age of 4. Cats with one copy will likely develop the disease at a later stage in life. SO with this information available to me there was no way I could use this cat in my breeding program. It was definitely a disappointment to spend thousands of dollars on these 2 cats only to lose one and have to have the other one neutered but I learned a valuable lesson. Check references, check paperwork, ask questions and then ask more questions!!!! Start attending cat shows and get to know other breeders! Find reputable breeders here is the USA to mentor and work with you. 

After going through this there is no way I could ever do this to another family intentionally. No one should bring home a pet that will become a family member and have to watch their pet become ill and suffer or die. This is why I  make sure our cats are all tested and continue to be monitored regularly.

I decided that in honor of Devil I would keep the cattery name. After all he is a wonderful boy despite his invisible flaw and he will continue to be a wonderful pet here at our cattery and forever be our mascot.

This is my sweet boy Devil of Devil's Pride.

and this was our beautiful Freyja (RIP)

DO we show our cats?

Yes our cats are currently shown and registered with CFA . We are soon going to be registering and showing with TICA as well. 

We try to get all of our cats out to at least one show as kittens to see how they like the show hall and get them used to the sights and sounds. Once they turn 8 months they can be shown as adults. 

It is always fun to go to a show. I have met some truly wonderful people and get to see some amazing and beautiful cats of all breeds. It really is a great and fun experience . If you haven't been to a CFA cat show you should get out to one soon! You will have a blast! CFA has a full calendar of upcoming shows on their website so go ahead and check it out! Hope to see you all there !